Flu Compared To Gun Violence That Can Be Fought Against

Majority of the people will not be worried over flu at the moment since schools are still closed due to summer. However, that is not for long. Everyone around you will be forcing you to take annual flu shot, while they should also be taking one. Flu is a severe concern since it results in thousands of people getting hospitalized every year.

Authorities have not been able to arrive at a precise figure over the number of people, who lose their life to flu each year. Flu attacks in various strains and many times it is not even detected that the reason behind the death is flu. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released estimates, which suggest that annual death rate due to flu ranges from 3,000 to 49,000.

The reason behind discussing flu is that it is a constant factor in our lives. This threat has been present even prior to the formation of our nation and still continues to exist. Everyone comes in contact with flu, but majority of those who are affected by it include very young children and elderly people. In this context, flu is similar to gun violence, but with the only difference that we can combat flu.

It cannot be accepted as being unavoidable, to be able to ensure that we live with freedom and move around without apprehensions, along with the freedom to go to school and live in a particular type of surrounding as well as adopting the lifestyle of choice. We find solutions, execute them and if they are not successful, we find other solutions.

We tell again and again to people to wash hands and prevent visit to certain places when not well. Another solution is to make vaccinations available and pay for them. An addition to this we try concentrating on all flu strains since all are equally deadly.