Researchers unveil in detail about Oetzi's motley wardrobe

Oetzi the Iceman's clothes were made of at least five different species of animal.Ötzi was discovered in the Ötztal Alps by hikers, along the border with Austria and Italy in 1991. Since its discovery, Ötzi’s body has been scrutinized in detail, but not much was known about his clothing before this study.

A 2008 study found that some of the hair from Ötzi's animal-skin clothing came from domesticated animals. In the current research, Niall O'Sullivan from the University College Dublin in Ireland along with team has collected genetic data from Ötzi's outfit.

In the research paper published in the journal Scientific Reports said that gathering data is not an easy part because the leather might have been treated by scraping, intense heating and exposure to fatty acids.

The researchers have also used next-generation sequencing techniques. From the complete assessment, it has been found that Ötzi's leather overcoat was made of at least four different animals from two species- sheep and goat.

His lighter coat was made up of sheep. His leggings were made of goatskin, as its skin provided that flexibility needed to walk. His leather shoes were stuffed with grass and his shoelaces were from wild cow.

O'Sullivan said that this type of outfit would have been quite apt in the chilly Alpine region, as it had extra stuffing to add an extra-layer of warmth. His hat was made of a brown bear and his quiver was made from a roe deer.

For now, it is not known as to whether Ötzi trapped those animals or trade for them. O'Sullivan mentioned, “25 years ago, the study of ancient DNA was in its infancy. It would not have been possible to infer, to the same extent, the species of origin or how domesticated the leathers were”.