AT&T and Qualcomm to test drones on commercial 4G LTE wireless networks

In a joint statement released on Tuesday, AT&T and Qualcomm said that they have teamed up to test drones out on commercial 4G LTE wireless networks.

According to the joint statement, AT&T and Qualcomm have partnered to test hoe the functioning of drones can be safe and more secure on commercial 4G LTE as well as on the imminent 5G networks.

The two companies revealed in their joint statement that testing of drones on commercial 4G LTE wireless networks will commence at Qualcomm's San Diego campus later this month. For the LTE-based drone test, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight drone software and chip development platform will be used for control and navigation.

About the decision to test drones on AT&T’s LTE network, AT&T and Qualcomm said that the carrier’s network would ideally provide a stable connection between a drone and its on-the-ground pilot during flight; thereby eliminating apprehensions about potential connectivity issues between the drone and the company whose package/goods it delivers.

Highlighting the fact that “LTE connectivity has the potential to deliver optimal flight plans, transmit flight clearances, track drone location, and adjust flight routes in near real-time," Chris Penrose – SVP of IoT Solutions at AT&T – said in a statement: "Solving for the connectivity challenges of complex flight operations is an essential first step to enabling how drones will work in the future."