Google fully integrates Maps and Calendar apps for Android users worldwide

In a Friday announcement, Google said that it is fully integrating its Maps and Calendar apps for Android users across the world, in an apparent effort to make daily logistics easier for users.

The announcement by Google implies that Google Calendar events, for Android users, will start showing up in Maps under the ‘Upcoming’ option in ‘Your Places,’ in order to assist users in getting to the places they need to get to.

When the Google Maps app is opened by the users, they will now be able to see forthcoming travel arrangements – including things like plane tickets, hotel bookings, and restaurant reservations – which they can quickly add to their map for directions.

The selection of one of the upcoming events by users will prompt the updated Maps to show them directions to their next appointment directly in the navigation window.

In a nutshell, the integration of Maps and Calendar apps means that Android users will no longer have to continually jump back and forth between the two apps, provided that they enter the location for events when they add the events to their calendar.