Californians urged to support plastic bag ban initiative

Environmental and government leaders on Monday urged Californian voters to vote for Proposition 67, which proposes to put a ban on plastic bags at grocery stores and pharmacies.

Dan Jacobson, the legislative director for Environment California, and other backers of Proposition 67 gathered at the City Administration building in downtown San Diego to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

Dressed as a plastic bag monster, Jacobson proclaimed his views proudly about putting a ban on plastic bags. He called plastic bags a ‘real environment nightmare.’

Urging people to support Proposition 67, Jacobson said, “The bags are really an environment nightmare. There is nothing that we use for five minutes that should end up polluting our environment for hundreds of years and that is exactly what bags do.”

Supporting Jacobson’s views, Roger Kube of the San Diego Surfrider Association added that plastic pollution has impacted more than 267 species. He explained that sea turtles see plastic bags as jelly fish and eat it, which often results in clogging of their internal system and death.

The City of San Diego has already approved an ordinance designed to ban plastic bags. It will take effect in April next year.