Southwest Airline Flights Cancelled Due to Engine Inspections

A mounting headache for Southwest traveler as the emergency inspections following the mid-air explosion of an engine on one of the airline's Boeing 737s last week. Dozens of Southwest flights now canceled, and thousands of passengers are affected. The delay comes after FAA emergency order for all airlines to inspect that model.

Authorities said that one person has died after Southwest Airlines jet engine exploded mid-air. The airline stated that there were around 40 cancellations out of nearly 4,000 flights on Sunday. FlightAware, the flight-tracking website exposed that approximately 13 percent or more than 500 Southwest flights had been delayed Sunday.

Airline's communications team said in a statement, "When we announced the accelerated engine fan blade inspection program on Tuesday night, we said there would be some impact to the operation." Further, they added, "We have minimized flight disruptions this past week through actions such as proactive aircraft routings to cover open trips and utilizing spare aircraft, when available."

Southwest Airline said in the statement that the enhanced inspections are expected to be completed over the next 30 days and are being performed out of an abundance of caution. Meanwhile, the airline stated that some of the delays were caused by a strong thunderstorm in the Southeast.