Google is refining its algorithm to weed out "non-authoritative" info

On Tuesday, tech biggie Google issued a statement in which it revealed that it has efforts underway to refine its algorithm so that "non-authoritative" information can be effectively weeded out.

The move reported by Google comes against the backdrop of a new and disquieting trend which the company has been confronting of late --- its top search results for questions about the Holocaust - for example, "Did the Holocaust happen?" - lead users to neo-Nazi sites; and queries related to different ethnic groups direct users to racist or inflammatory content.

The unsettling trend being confronted by Google was recently highlighted by The Guardian in a last-week report which showed that a Holocaust denial website ranked highly in search queries.

The report specifically showed that the white supremacist site Stormfront emerged as the top result when users asked "Did the Holocaust happen?"

In revealing that Google's objective behind refining its algorithm to weed out "non-authoritative" information, the company said that it aims to provide "authoritative results" for search queries, along with unfolding to the users "a breadth of diverse content from variety of sources."