Le Pen’s Election Manifesto Aims to Give Power Back to French People

Far-right French party National Front has launched its election manifesto and the party has promised major changes for France if Marine Le Pen manages to win the Presidential elections. Le Pen has strongly criticized current French government’s failure to deal with influx of migrants which has kept France in news for the last two years. France is also facing security risks and many people in France have questioned the steps taken by French government to provide security to French residents. The refugee crisis in Europe has given strength to many nationalist parties in Europe.

Le Pen has promised French voters that her party will renegotiate the distribution of powers with European Union. Her party has also promised French voters with leaving Euro as currency. National Front election manifesto has 144 commitments to French voters.

Sharing her party’s manifesto in Lyon, Le Pen said, “The aim of this program is first of all to give France its freedom back and give the people a voice. This presidential election puts two opposite proposals. The ‘globalist’ choice backed by all my opponents ... and the ‘patriotic’ choice which I personify.”

Many political experts suggest that Le Pen has little chance to win French elections. But, her popularity has witnessed a gradual rise. Her party also gained momentum after Brexit and win of Donald Trump in the United States.

Le Pen’s party also aims at putting strict conditions on migration. Her party has supported President Donald Trump’s ideologies. President Trump is facing backlash across the world but he is firm on his policies.

Le Pen also informed that she won’t mind France leaving European Union in case European leaders don’t meet their demands. She talks about getting back control of France from European Union. France is a major member of the Union and exit of France will have a major impact on EU and the combined currency of the bloc. Her party is also talking about dealing with the rise of radical Islam in France.

Le Pen also stands for withdrawing from the NATO Integrated Military Command Structures and allocating more funding to defense.