Breast cancer patients need not avoid soy: study

Some studies suggested that Asian women who regularly eat soy are less likely to die of breast cancer or experience recurrence of the deadly disease, while some other studies indicated that soy may interfere with anti-cancer drugs or even fuel some breast cancers.

However, the confusion is apparently getting less confusing as a new study led by Dr. Fang Fang Zhang of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy at Tufts University suggested that soy might not be dangerous for breast cancer patients.

The studies that warned that regular consumption of soy could be dangerous for women with cancer blame certain properties in the food mimic estrogen that can fuel some breast cancers. However, Dr. Zhang found in the new study that soy mightn't be so dangerous for breast cancer patients after all.

Speaking on the topic, Dr. Zhang said, 'My take is that we should not recommend that women with breast cancer avoid soy. Because we found no evidence to support that it's harmful."

The new findings are encouraging but the researchers still warned that they lacked enough evidence to recommend that all breast cancer women should start eating soy to avoid recurrence of the disease or early death.

The researchers reported their findings in the most recent edition of the journal Cancer.