Uber’s self-driving cars reportedly unable to run even 1 mile with human intervention

Uber Technologies’ self-driving cars are steadily increasing the number of miles driven autonomously, but they are nowhere near to begin transporting people without a human behind the wheel, the company’s documents revealed.

The company’s 43 active autonomous vehicles in California, Pennsylvania and Arizona, travelled 20,354 autonomous miles last week, significantly more than 5,000 miles logged during the entire January.

However, the documents also revealed that the autonomous vehicles couldn’t go even a single mile, on average, before a human driver needed to take control of the vehicle.

Making the revelations, Recode reported, “During the week ending March 8, the 43 active cars on the road only drove an average of close to 0.8 miles before the safety driver had to take over for one reason or another.”

The reasons for human interventions varied, including navigating blurred lane markings, inclement weather and the system overshooting a turn.

Meanwhile, Google’s self-driving car unit Waymo is seeking a court injunction against Uber’s autonomous vehicles, claiming that the ride-hailing company is using its stolen technology. A hearing on the case is slated for 27th of April this year.