Nintendo Switch enjoying successful rollout

The Nintendo Switch is enjoying a successful rollout, as evident from the fact that the new console has already sold more than 1.5 million units globally.

Assignment editor Chris Baker @chrisbaker1337 wrote, “I foolishly didn't preorder a Switch. Now I'm desperately calling around to all of the Targets and Best Buys and Gamestops and Toys R Us within a 50 mile radius...”

Impression of the Switch has changed a lot from the time it was announced by the gaming giant. Kris Graft @krisgraft, editor-in-chief, has posted some thoughts about the hardware to indicate the change in impressions of the device.

It ability to allow users to play with the various configurations, and going from television mode to portable mode flawlessly is definitely one of it most appealing points.

But, there are some issues too, namely a left joy-con that occasionally lose connection. Some reports suggest that it could have something to do with a Bluetooth antenna. Reports also suggest that a lot of people have not encountered this ridiculous problem.

However, like any other Nintendo product, you will not be able to really appreciate the new console until it’s in your hands.