Apple signs deal with Samsung for 92M OLED iPhone panels

California-based tech giant Apple Inc. has signed a multi-year contract with electronics giant Samsung for the supply more than ninety million curved OLED panels, according to media reports.

Under the two-year deal, Samsung will provide Apple with 92 millions OLED panels. It is part of Apple’s attempt to increase its capacity for the release of its high-end iPhone 8 this year.

Sources claimed that the California-based tech giant had ordered 70 million panels from Samsung, its exclusive OLED supplier for the upcoming smartphone.

Fresh reports suggested that Apple has increased its demand for units of OLED in order to cope with higher demand for its new devices later in 2017 and beyond this year.

Meanwhile, a Taiwan-based firm called Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting has predicted that shipments of Apple’s upcoming iPhones will likely reach 100 million units this year. Nearly 55 million of those units of smartphones are expected to feature OLED screens.