Nvidia’s 2016 sales boom was fueled by soaring sales of PC GPUs

At a time when worldwide computer shipments were on the decline, Nvidia’s 2016 sales boom was largely fueled by soaring sales of PC GPUs, according to newly released data.

An upgrade cycle was clearly a factor. The chip maker’s Pascal-architecture GPUs delivered bigger performance gains relative to older Maxwell architecture-based GPUs. The new chips allowed high-end PC gaming devices to offer the newest titles at higher resolutions as well as frame rates.

The company’s latest flagship GPU, which was introduced merely a month after the roll out of a cheaper Pascal product, has reflected how much hardcore gamers are willing to pay dollar for additional horsepower.

Just last Thursday, Nvidia introduced the Titan Xp GPU, which delivers an incredible 12 teraflops of performance. That power outpaces the GTX 1080 Ti’s 10.6 Tflops, which was launched in August last year.

Titan Xp GPUs cost a whopping $1,200 apiece. The price significantly surpasses the $700 and $500 that the company charged for the 1080 Ti and standard 1080 cards, respectively.