Select Windows Insiders to test out Microsoft’s Cortana-powered speaker

Software giant Microsoft Corp. is reportedly preparing to invite select insiders from across the United States to test out its Cortana-powered speaker.

For its upcoming Harman Kardon speaker, Microsoft will soon kick off a pilot program. The HK Invoke is a premium device that will come with Skype integration and compete with the likes of Amazon Echo speakers.

As per available reports, the Cortana-powered device will offer users a seamless experience regardless of what phone they use, thanks to the presence of digital assistant on all mobile platforms.

Microsoft’s vision for Cortana is obviously larger than just offering it as a personal assistant on mobile devices and computers. It can be seen with the virtual assistant’s incursion into Internet of Things, including connected cars and the Home Hub.

For the past few months, the world’s leading software producer has been applying some really unconventional methods to endorse and promote its products. Previously, it provided another publication with the exclusive rights to divulge the specs of its upcoming console.