Google reportedly planning to build ad-blocker into Chrome browser

Tech giant Google Inc. is reportedly planning to place a built-in ad blocker into the Chrome web browser in order to force websites to provide users with a better experience.

Online auto-play video ads have become almost a standard and the problem is increasingly getting worse. Google believes adding a built-in ad blocker to Chrome will stop improve user experience as well as prevent accidentally clicking on ads.

According to WSJ report, sources familiar with the etch giant’s plan revealed that both the mobile and desktop versions of the web browser could soon get the ad-blocking system that would be turned on by default.

However, the even the new feature would not filter out all ads as only those ads would be blocked which would not comply with the Coalition for Better Ads-list of standards.

Auto-playing video ads with sound, for instance, would be blocked. The tech giant is reportedly yet to decide whether or not to allow individual ads.

As per online analytics firm StatCounter, Chrome now accounts for more than 52 per cent of the global browser market share. Its closest competitor is Safari accounts for just 14 per cent of the share. Thus, any website that wants to survive will have to comply.