Opinion Polls Suggest Easy Win for Macron in French Presidential Elections

French citizens will vote today for the second round of the Presidential elections. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are competing in the second round and majority of opinion polls suggest easy win for Macron. However, Le Pen could set a record by taking the highest percentage of votes taken by her far-right party National Front. The election campaign was filled with surprises after Francois Fillon, the front-runner during early opinion polls, lost his voter base. Opinion polls suggest that Macron has 23-26 percent lead over Marine Le Pen.

Macron is aiming at improving EU integration and to deregulate the economy. Many voices have been raised against the European Union but Macron is still aiming to improve the relationship between EU member states. After Brexit, European leaders are under pressure to keep EU strong. Many member states have questioned the policies adopted by Germany and France in dealing with migrant crisis, bailouts and spending of EU funds.

After the Presidential elections, parliamentary elections will be held in France next month. Macron could emerge as a strong leader for France. He resigned from the current French government and setup his own party. As other candidates were involved in scandals, Macron was able to gather strong support for his campaign. Other candidates have also pledged support for Macron as most of the political parties in France want to keep Le Pen out of power.

A report published by Reuters informed, “The campaign was hit by yet another surprise on Friday night just before the quiet period which forbids politicians from commenting started, as Macron's team said a massive hack had dumped emails, documents and campaign financing information online.”