Google introduces Fuchsia system UI dubbed Armadillo

Internet search giant Google’s mysterious operating system, called Fuchsia, has finally a system interface that offers a glance into what the new OS might look like.

Fuchsia, the third OS under development at the tech giant, differs from the widely popular Android and Chrome operating systems. It eschews the Linux kernel for the tech giant’s own Magenta micro-kernel.

While the tech giant has not mentioned a purpose for its new OS, it is also not hiding its progress. One can view the OS’ progress on the Fuchsia GitHub page where it recently added a Fuchsia system user interface (UI) dubbed Armadillo.

According to the Fuchsia GitHub page, Armadillo is an application that has been written by Google engineers in Flutter, the company’s tool for building apps for iOS as well as Android from a common code base.

The new mysterious OS first surfaced in August last year but Google has yet to explain what its wants to do with it. However, some experts have suggested that it might be an attempt to unify the Android and Chrome operating systems.