Google planning faster Android updates with Project Treble

Android users often complain that updates by Google arrive quite slowly; but that is going to change soon as the tech giant has apparently found a solution to the problem.

Google has announced a feature inside of Android OS dubbed “Project Treble” that has been designed to make it easier, faster as well as less costly for manufacturers to update their devices to new versions of the OS.

The company has essentially split apart its own work on the OS from the work that its hardware partners perform to ensure that it works with their latest chips.

If the Project Treble works as desired manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung will be able to roll out Android updates with no need to wait for a chip partner, such as Qualcomm, to first send software updates.

The fragmentation situation appears to persist and it could take a long time to go away. The newest version of Android OS, dubbed Nougat, has been available for more than 8 months but it is still on just 7 per cent of Android handsets.

Google’s I/O conference, which is slated for next week, is expected to reveal more about the Project Treble.