Google Maps Update Incorporates Street View for Better Navigation

Google has updated its Google Maps with some interesting Street View features for easier navigation. Google will roll out the updates in a phased manner on Google Play Store. Google Maps is among popular apps from Google as many people use it for easier navigation.

With the new Street View features, users will be able to see Street View images at exact turns when people turn on navigation. This will be helpful for confirming the turns while using navigation. When users tap on Street View image for a specific location, they will see the image in full-screen in the direction of movement.

The changes have been added to Google Maps app for Android. For the moment, Google hasn’t shared any details about its plan to update the app for iOS users.

A report published by Android Police informed, “The other notable change is more widespread throughout the interface, but it's a mostly cosmetic adjustment. Many screens now include a bottom bar with contextual activities, often accompanied by a button on the right side. It takes up more space, but it functionally replaces the FAB (Floating Action Button) on many screens.”