Intel could soon unveil expensive Core i9 CPU

A new lineup of desktop CPUs equipped with an innovative high-end Core i9 processors with 12 cores could soon be unveiled by Intel.

AnandTech reported that Intel’s plans on the new lineup of desktop CPUs were leaked by an employee or partner who apparently took a photo of a PowerPoint presentation with the complete upcoming lineup.

According to the report, the most powerful option in the upcoming lineup of desktop CPUs is going to be a “beast,” with a dozen cores and a power consumption of 140W.

The Core i9 CPU will also be available in other options, including 6 cores, 8 cores or 10 cores. If a user tends to run single-threaded tasks, the company will be able to run those tasks at a higher clock owing to Turbo Clock 3.

It is reportedly going to be the most powerful CPU in the near future, and users will be able to use it in a desktop PC. Some analysts are of the view that it will be a great option for the next-generation Mac Pro computers.

However, the powerful CPU will come at a considerable cost. It would not be a surprise if Intel tags with a list price of more than $1,000.