Austria announces Ban on Full-Face Veil Starting October

Austria has announced ban on Full-Face Veil and anyone not following the ruling will be fine Euro 150, starting October. The new legislation has been approved by both the ruling parties. Austrian government has come under pressure from far-right FPÖ for not dealing with issues that are important for Austrian society, public security and for its dealing with refugee crisis. Austrian government has also announced ‘integration school’ for refugees to learn more about Austrian customs and society.

Burqa or niqab has been banned already by France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. As far-right voices have raised the issue in many European countries, Norway and Germany are also considering a ban on full-face veil in public. France was the first country in Europe to ban niqabs and there has been heated debate on the issue in other European countries.

A report published by DW informed, “Starting in October, police will be charging fines from people who wear clothes that obstruct their facial features. The 150-euro fine would also apply to women wearing burqas and niqabs at universities, courts, or in public transport.”

Migrants will have to take German language lessons. They will also be asked to do unpaid public work in order to prepare them for jobs in Austria, the latest order said. During 12-month integration school, asylum seekers will be educated about Austrian customs and values. Migrants who refuse to undergo the courses will face a cut on their public benefits.

As Austria heads towards elections, the government is trying to hold its voter base by passing certain regulations that can project government’s actions in dealing with refugee influx. However, far-right FPÖ said that the action taken by the government won’t go far enough. It is still not clear how many people would be impacted by the latest regulations.