Ban on Streaming-only Movies at Cannes Stirs up Controversy

Cannes presents an exceptional platform for filmmakers, scriptwriters and artists and some of those talented people have been left out as Cannes announced ban on streaming-only movies. With streaming services gaining clients and paying for exclusive streaming-only movies, a controversy has started regarding Cannes Film festival banning streaming-only movies. Netflix and Amazon have millions of subscribers worldwide and these companies are ordering their exclusive shows and movies. Many people related to cinema and media industry have urged Cannes management team to rethink about their ban on streaming-only content. With fast internet, there will be more shows and movies on streaming channels in future and that talent shouldn’t be ignored.

While Cannes Film Festival chief Thierry Frémaux had announced two movies from Netflix for the event this year in April. The French people are divided on Netflix issue. French Film Board rejected the idea of inclusion of streaming-only movies and has asked for a 36-month gap after release of movie in French theaters. Many people believe that allowing streaming-only movies at Cannes will impact the business of theaters in general as some movie might take up that route only.

Frémaux had taken a bold decision in 2001 as well by including Shrek for the festival. The move faced some opposition but many other animated movies were included over next years at Cannes.

As per Deadline report, “Netflix originally sought a compromise after the industry’s hackles were raised, saying it would potentially release both Okja and Noah Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stories in theaters, but no agreement was reached.”

Commenting on the issue, Christophe Tardieu, director of French film authority the CNC said, “I deplore Netflix’s attitude in this affair, which showed total intransigence and refusing to understand and accept how the French cultural exception works.”

Amazon acquired rights for ‘Manchester by the Sea’ and has decided to launch the movie in theaters before releasing it on its online platform.