130 Families Could Seek Asylum in Austria after Vaccination Dispute in Italy

Nearly 130 families living in northern Italy could seek asylum in Austria after Italy announcement mandatory policy for vaccination of children. Vaccination related regulations have been opposed by parents in many other countries as well. In the current issue reported from northern Italy, 130 German-speaking families are opposing vaccination regulations.

Italian government announced last month that children must be vaccinated against 12 common illnesses before their join school. While medical experts have urged parents to get children vaccinated at suggested intervals, many groups oppose vaccination. Vaccination rates have dropped below WHO-recommended percentage in many countries across Europe.

German-speaking parents living in Alto Adige have opposed the ruling. Alto Adige was part of Austria before 1919.

Alto Adige protest leader Reinhold Holzer said, "We won't allow our children to be poisoned. Asylum is claimed not just by people fleeing war, but also by people whose rights are being violated."

Holzer added, “The population in Alto Adige is particularly sensitive to issues of health and the environment, so the number of unvaccinated children is particularly high.”

Anti-vaccination campaigns have been gaining prominence on internet and social networks. Medical experts all over the world have urged parents to get their children vaccinated. Medical experts have also indicated that benefits of vaccination in comparison to risks associated with them, suggest that parents should not deny vaccination for their children.