Instagram testing new way for influencers to identify their sponsored posts

Internet-based photo-sharing service Instagram is testing a new way to create a standardized format for celebrities and influencers to discover their sponsored posts. The new rule aims to make it clear to each and every user when a post has been paid for by someone.

However, it will not be for adverts that businesses purchase straight from Instagram; rather it will be for influencer marketing, where brands make payments to celebrities and other users who have large number of followers to promote their products.

Charles Porch, creative programs director at Instagram, claimed that most of the influencers and advertisers were in search of a clear and straightforward way to make such disclosures.

Speaking on the topic, Porch said, “People are building amazing businesses on Instagram all over the world, at all sorts of scale. And those users are looking for ways to be super transparent with their followers when they have a partnership.”

However, it worth-mentioning here that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently sent letters to dozens of influencers reminding them that they ought to conspicuously disclose when their posts get sponsored.