FDA approves new epinephrine injector from Adamis Pharmaceuticals

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has finally approved a new epinephrine injector for anaphylaxis, increasing competition for the controversially expensive injector EpiPen.

Symjepi, the new epinephrine injector made by Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp., is a syringe prefilled with the epinephrine hormone, which is capable of stopping life-threatening allergic reactions from insect stings, foods like eggs and certain medications.

Accordiing to San Diego-based Adamis, its new product is easier to use than EpiPen that comes filled with a set dose and is accompanied by a training device.

In addition, Symjepi will be easier to carry as it is notably smaller than EpiPen. Most kids and adults with severe allergies have to carry an injector wherever they go.

Evercore ISI analyst Umer Raffat and some others have pointed out that Symjepi isn’t totally identical to EpiPen; so its price will definitely be a key consideration.

Currently, Mylan Pharmaceuticals’ EpiPen costs in the range of $630 to $700 without insurance. The new generic version retails for around $225 to $425.