China preparing to launch four more space probes in near future

After successfully launching its first X-ray space telescope, China is now preparing to launch four more space probes before 2021 as part of the ongoing efforts to develop space science.

In a press release, the State Administration of Science, Technology & Industry for National Defence stated that the China-Italy Electromagnetic Monitoring Experiment Satellite would be launched in August this year, while the China-France Oceanography Satellite would be launched in 2018.

Zhao Jian, deputy director of system engineering department, said, “China would also like to lead international cooperation in some major projects and actively participate in major international space science programs.”

A Mars probe is scheduled to be launched in 2020, and an astronomical satellite will be launched sometime in 2021 to help scientists study gamma rays and dark energy.

The Mars probe, which will be China’s first such effort, is expected to make several orbits of the planet, as well as land and deploy a rover within one mission.