Government’s Plan to offer cash to migrants to return gets tepid response

Austrian government’s plan to offer Euro 1,000 to migrants to return home has found limited number of takers. As per Interior Ministry data, 427 migrants have accepted the offer. Over the first five months of the current year, 1,855 migrants have voluntarily returned to their home country. The cash offer was introduced by Austrian government three months back. The number of migrants voluntarily returning back to their home country has reduced by 64 percent compared to last year.

Austrian government has faced criticism for not handling the refugee crisis correctly. The government announced ‘mandatory’ quotas for migrants last year and the move was criticized by other European nations.

Many European government agencies have been working on improving condition of migrants and some of them have been put under integration programs. However, in many countries, migrants are regarded as unfit for society and job market. While some of the migrants have been trying to find jobs, majority depends on government aid. Voices against spending on migrants have witnessed a rise in the recent months.

However, political experts suggest that the amount is too less for anyone to take the offer. The Austrian government is considering to increase the amount for those willing to return to their home country.