AirAsia Flight Returns to Perth after Engine Failure

An AirAsia flight returned to Perth 90 minutes after takeoff due to single engine failure. The flight for Kuala Lumpur returned due to technical issue and landed safely in Perth at 10 am. Emergency crew members were ready at the airport but the flight landed safely and no one was hurt. The Airbus A330 flight was forced to return due to technical issue, AirAsia said in a statement.

A passenger on the flight informed news agencies that the plane was ‘shaking like a washing machine’. The pilot asked passengers to remain calm and to say prayers. The passenger informed that the pilot announced, “I hope you all say a prayer, I'll be saying a prayer too and let's hope we all get back home safely.”

The captain shortly informed passengers that one of the engines seized. After safe landing, AirAsia airport helpdesk offered alternative flights and accommodation to passengers.

Passenger Brenton Atkinson informed ABC News, "It was literally like you were sitting on top of a washing machine. The whole thing was going. We could see the engine out the window which was really shaken on the wing."

Another major incident was reported with Airbus A330 in Australia earlier this month. A China Eastern flight had to make emergency landing at Sydney after a massive hole appeared on engine’s casing. No one was hurt during the incident.