French President Macron’s invitation for Bastille Day celebrations accepted by Donald Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron invited the U.S. President Donald Trump for Bastille Day celebrations. The White House has confirmed that President Trump will be travel to France next for the event. Trump and Macron met in May, couple of weeks after Emmanuel Macron won the French Presidential Elections.

American soldiers will also participate in Bastille Day parade in Paris on July 14. The official White House statement informed, “President Trump looks forward to reaffirming America’s strong ties of friendship with France, to celebrating this important day with the French people.”

President Trump has criticized European leaders on many occasions on different issues including handling of migrant crisis in Europe. He has been criticized by European leaders as well over his remarks.

It will be important to see how the U.S. – European relations develop during President Trump’s tenure. President Trump has made many statements regarding bringing back jobs to the United States. He has pulled back from the Paris Climate accord, a decision criticized by leaders all over the world. French President Macron strongly criticized President Trump’s move on climate change accord.