Sebastian Kurz could take tough stance on migration

The People’s Party (ÖVP) has won the parliamentary elections and 31-year-old leader Sebastian Kurz would be the youngest national leader in Europe. Kurz will be having a tough task of dealing with European leadership. He has taken a tough stance on migration during his election campaign. The bold decision taken by Kurz in May has proved beneficial for his party.

The People’s Party received support from 32 percent of voters in the latest election. Kurz will be leading right-leaning coalition and it will not be easy for him to work with European leaders. While dealing with migration has been a major issue in Europe during the last three years, France and Germany are still pushing other European nations to do their part. It will be worth seeing if the election slogans regarding migration crisis will turn into action.

Kurz was one of the decision-makers in the law banning full face veils at public places. He has openly criticized Germany for its open door policy for refugees. Austria has also witnessed heated arguments with Italy over migrant issues.

European leaders are closely watching the situation in Austria. Their next action would depend on how Austrian leadership plans its next course of action on migrant related issues.

After elections in France and Germany came as a major setback for right-leaning politicians in Europe, the decision of Austrian voters has once again heated the conversation about right-leaning ideology and its rise in Europe during the recent years.