Microsoft to Bring Updates News App to Windows 10

An American tech giant, Microsoft has come up with an updates news app for Windows 10 that curates’ articles across the web and deliver them to the users' Microsoft feed.

Sources added, “Microsoft has been curating news since MSN launched in 1995, but 23 years later journalism and the way we consume news have changed."

Microsoft’s news app for Android as well as iOS platforms would also power news on “Microsoft Edge” in Windows 10, Xbox, Skype, Outlook and so on.

The report added, "It uses artificial intelligence, human editors and publishing partnerships to find stories from over 3,000 publications. It's available across the world and in 28 different languages."

The news app manages stories into the popular format of thumbnail images along with headlines. User or reader could not face any problem while scrolling or select for the full article.

Apart from all these things, the user can change the theme based on their comfort zone, either they have the option to select light or dark theme.

The tech giant reportedly moving into cloud-based technology that opens up productive as well as lucrative markets for the software giants. However, company’s recent changes in the organization are set to be a key profit driver.