Airbnb Gets A Revamp As It Turns 10 Next Month

The Airbnb is eyeing to remain a thorn to the eyes of hoteliers as they are revamping to check rates if these are not that pricey. 
It has “disrupted” the hotel industry as bookings continue to rise year after year. Today, there about five million accommodation in 81,000 cities worldwide. 
The hospitality service app is virtually an online broker where people can offer short-term lease arrangements for their rooms, apartments, and even holiday cottages. It may be accessed either from its websites or its mobile apps. 
To make ends meet, AirBnB co-founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia then set up an airmattress in their living room and began to offer it online as a bed and breakfast “to make a few bucks.”  
Months later, a third co-founder, Nathan Blecharczyk worked on creating an online platform and on August 11, 2008, launched the “Airbed and Breakfast,” which later became AirBnb.
The startup is now valued at $30 billion. It is also providing services from a mere 89 countries back in 2011 to  191 as of this writing. 
Cities are reacting 
Meanwhile, many cities have expressed “misgivings” against Airbnb, according to a report. Most of these hosts have virtually turned their homes to a hotel. 
Not surprisingly, the likes of Amsterdam has imposed a 60-day limit to stay in an AirBnb house. 
“The hotel industry is less sold on the success of what has become a big rival eating into its business without being subject to the same legal and fiscal constraints,” said a report.
These include New York, Tokyo, Paris, Spanish cities, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, and Mediterrean. They are reportedly  on a “regulatory offensive” mode against Airbnb.
In a report, many users have noted the improvement of policies of AirBnb, including ending bias and racial discrimination.