Matt Hancock appointed as the health secretary in Brexit reshuffle

According to reports, Brexit has announced appointment of Matt Hancock as the new health secretary in Brexit reshuffle. This is after the resignation of the previous secretary Mr Boris Johnson. This was a surprise since Mr Boris Johnson was appointed as the health secretary early this year. No one seems to understand why Mr Boris Johnson resigned so early from this position.
Previously, minister David Davis was the secretary who after a while resigned as due to his appointment as the minister for West Suffolk. Minister David Davis had to quit in order to serve the people of West Suffolk. Afterwards, this position was taken by Mr Boris Johnson who later resigned as the secretary in Brexit reshuffle. According to reports, Mr Boris Johnson had un anticipated disagreement with Brexit which led to his resignation. Till now, no one seems to know the reason behind this conflict between him and Brexit which led to his resignation.
Good news is Matt Hancock is appointed secretary in Brexit reshuffle. According to analysts, Matt Hancock is an advantage to Brexit. This is clearly seen from the previous encounters whereby health matters where concerned. NHS currently is experiencing financial problems, according to reports, Matt Hancock has never commented nor stated any concerns in accordance to this issue of the NHS, rather he anticipated that Brexit can be making over 400 euros per week if and only if the government can dedicate some funds to the health sector.
According to British council concerned with medical issues. they council said that they highly appreciate Matt Hancock appointed as the new health secretary and will collaborate in ensuring the best health services together.  According to the British council, this is an advantage considering that Matt Hancock is an economist and they are looking upon him to reshape the budget in Brexit.
Matt Hancock, 39-year-old was appointed as the culture, media and sport secretary early 2016 and since then he has been the junior minister in that department since July of the same year. He holds a degree from Cambridge and Oxford and he has been an economist in the bank of England. He was also the person in charge of all the economic agendas to the former chancellor George Osborne.