18 military bases at risk from rising tides, new report predicts

In the last 10 years solely, thermometers have calculated some of the hottest average temperatures in documented history. With the increase in mercury, climate change is quickly turning into a sad reality for many.

In the United States solely, 13.1 million people living in low-lying regions may be forced to move because of rising tides, as per sea level projections.

Predator Free New Zealand: Prime Minister says Invasive Species will be eradicated by 2050

In an attempt to save birds and other native species of New Zealand, the county has decided to kill invasive animals that are affecting native wildlife. In a statement on Monday, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said that the invaders are a problem for the country, and now they have to go.

Two New Extinct Kangaroo Species Discovered

A new research has led to the discovery of two new extinct species of Kangaroos. The research that was headed by the Western Australian Museum found that these species of kangaroos dwelled in the pre-historic rainforests of Australia 24-18 million years ago. The Curator of Mammalogy, Dr Kenny Travouillon, revealed that the two new discovered species are Gumardee springae and Gumardee richi.

Alarming figures of coral bleaching on Great Barrier Reef aren't shocking Australians into useful action

The upsetting figures of coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef haven’t spurred people in Australia into useful action.