Climate change responsible for extreme winters in the U.S. & UK: researchers say

Intensely chilly winters in the United States and Britain may be an outcome of indirect effects of climate change, according to a new study by University of Sheffield researchers.

UN bans global trade in highly endangered pangolins

On Wednesday, the United Nations prohibited global trade in the extremely endangered pangolins. It is a scaly animal possessing dubious distinction of being the most poached mammal in the world.

What Candidates for US President Think of Climate Change

The long list of promises by candidates for next US president also includesviews and plans on climate change. Results of national polls show a tough battle between Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and RepublicanDonald Trump. Both the candidates have different opinions on environmental issues.

Warming Arctic increasingly affecting each of 19 known populations of Ursusmaritimus, scientists confirm

World’s polar bear population has been shrinking at a quite fast pace. Latest study by the US scientists confirmed that all the 19 known populations of Ursusmaritimus have been badly hit by the earlier sea ice melt in the Arctic spring, and due to the delayed onset of ice every autumn.