Young humpback whale washes up on Sea Isle Beach

On Friday noon, a lifeless young humpback whale was found washed up on Sea Isle’s 20th Street beach, Cape May County.

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) officials said that there were no apparent wounds on the whale, though it seemed emaciated to some extent.

Hundreds of chimpanzees previously used in research experiments will be shifted to new home soon

Hundreds of chimpanzees that were used in research experiments in the past will be roaming free in their new home soon at a chimp sanctuary.

Genetic analysis of giraffes identifies four distinct species

Giraffes were once thought to represent a single species known asGiraffacamelopardalis, but a latest genetic analysis has disclosed that the genus Giraffa in reality has minimal four different species.

Hawaiian island of Kauai’s native forest birds rapidly dying-off due to climate change

A study released on Wednesday showed that the Hawaiian island of Kauai’s native forest birds have been dying at a very fast speed and are at risk of extinction. It suggested that climate change is increasing the temperature of their habitat, letting mosquito-borne diseases to flourish.