Hawaii’s Ohia Trees under Threat Due To Spread of Infectious Fungus

Hawaii officials said that a newly discovered fungus is killing ohia trees that are crucial to Hawaii’s water supply, endangered native birds and Hawaiian cultural traditional like hula.

Don’t Stop Gay, Bisexual Men from Donating Blood, says FDA

Now, it will be illegal to stop gay and bi-sexual men from donating blood to area blood banks as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lifted a three-decade-old ban. The decision has been taken after a medical research whose results were favoring gay and bi-sexual men.

Bird enthusiasts gear up for Annual Count in South Mississippi

This Christmas, bird enthusiasts would be gathering around Christmas throughout the Western Hemisphere for, what they call, “the longest-running wildlife census”. Besides keeping track of the winged species that reach South Mississippi, the annual census’s aim is to check the health of the environment.

Hillary Clinton will propose spending $2 billion a year in an attempt to cure Alzheimer's by 2025

The deaths from Alzheimer’s have been exploding in the US, so Hillary Clinton is willing to highlight the issue of curing the disease for the women and minority voters, who are disproportionately vulnerable to developing it.