Active sex life improves performance at work: study

Maintaining an active sex life at home makes a person more productive and helps him perform better at work, according to a new psychological study.

Breast cancer patients need not avoid soy: study

Some studies suggested that Asian women who regularly eat soy are less likely to die of breast cancer or experience recurrence of the deadly disease, while some other studies indicated that soy may

Zika infection makes microcephaly 20 times more likely: new research

A new study has warned that Zika can drastically increases the chances of a fetus developing microcephaly or other birth defects, especially if the mother is infected with the dangerous virus durin

Scientists decipher probable reason of woolly mammoth’s extinction

Woolly mammoths became totally extinct nearly 4,000 years ago, and a team of geneticists have now deciphered the probable reason for the ancient gigantic species’ demise.