Some Plans to Conserve Turtles in Kerala

As per a new report, the Social Forestry Wing of the Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department is planning to develop a site specific plan for conservation of their turtles. They are developing it under the title `Green Partnership Program'.

Discards Ban will not prove quite effective: Study

There was a prevalent practice in which edible fishes used to be discarded at sea. The practice was not found to be good and a long battle for past three years has been fought to ban the same.

The fishing industry and member states of the European Union have fought the fight. It was then that an agreement was signed to eliminate the practice between 2015 and 2019.

Howard Statement Shocked Abbott Government

Global warming has been a main concern for the government from past many years. And the government is blaming humans to be responsible for it. Government is also requesting people to step forward and join the conservation plans in order to have some control on increasing global warming.

Measles-Like Virus Killed 753 Bottlenose Dolphins

Since July, as many as 753 Bottlenose dolphins have been washed up along the East Coast. The deaths have taken place due to a measles-like virus.

Experts have affirmed that it has happened for the first time in history that so many Bottlenose dolphins have died. Things have not come under control, said experts, who further affirmed that the situation has got even worse.