Life Originated from Clay; believe Boffins and Religion

Scientists have revealed that life is highly likely to have originated from ancient `clay hydrogels'. Dan Luo of Cornell uni in the States said that in early geological history clay hydrogel enabled biomolecules and biochemical reactions to take place. It is believed by him and his team that ancient clay's confinement allowed early amino acids and suchlike to come together and create life.

Google Honors Sir CV Raman on 125th Birth Anniversary

Google is celebrating Sir CV Raman's 125th birth anniversary through its doodle feature on Thursday. Google's doodle features the discovery, the Raman Effect, of Sir CV Raman on India homepage.

Sir CV Raman has received award for the Raman Effect. To talk about Mr. Raman, he was born on November 7, 1888 in Thiruvanaikaval. He had done his schooling from St Aloysius Anglo-Indian High School.

Borneo Fisherman Catches Mysterious Fish

Borneo fisherman Sapar Mansor was on a fishing trip this week when he came across a mysterious fish. He caught the same and brought it to home.

Not only Mansor, but his wife is so happy to have this fish that they are now planning to keep it. The fish is bizarre as it has giant head and rest of his body is covered with spines.

US Senators Write Letter for Quick Action on Carp

A letter has been written to the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in which all 16 US senators have urged a quick action to stop the movement of Asian carp. The letter has demanded quick action to stop the invasive fish from entering the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal into the lakes.