Air France A380 Makes Emergency Landing in Canada

After explosion of an engine during flight, an Air France Air France confirmed that Airbus A380 aircraft landed safely at Goose Bay Airport after engine failure.

Boeing to unveil modified version of 737 MAX 10

American aviation major Boeing has signaled its intent to unveil a modified version of its 737 MAX 10 aircraft at the opening of the Paris Airshow on Monday this week.

Airbus Second in Terms of Airplane Sales

European aircraft maker Airbus has achieved second position in terms of finished airplane delivery. Despite of the fact that Airbus has left its US rival Boeing in sales records of 2013, but still its records comes out to be 22 less than the Boeing Co. in terms of actual sales.

Airbus Creates First-Ever Significant Artificial Ash Cloud to Test New Technology

The first-ever important artificial ash cloud for testing latest technology that is capable of detecting and guessing concentrations of volcanic residue released in atmosphere has been successfully built. The technology has been built by Airbus, easyJet and Norwegian sensing specialist Nicarnica Aviation.