Apple sells 2 million iPhone 5 units in China in three days post-launch

Despite the fact that market watchers felt that Apple's Friday launch of the iPhone 5 in China was a rather low-key affair, the company has recently reported that the first three-day sales of the handset in the Chinese market has set a new record.

Apple sells over 2 million iPhone 5 units in China during three days after launch

Within three days of its China launch of the new iPhone 5, Apple has revealed that its sales of the handset in the country has already touched over 2 million units; thereby making the iPhone 5 launch the best-selling iPhone release ever in China.

SA music retailers unfazed by iTunes launch in the country

Apple's last Tuesday launch of its popular iTunes online store in South Africa is apparently no cause for worry for the local music retailers; with most of them reportedly unfazed by the move, and some of them being of opinion that the South African iTunes version will give a boost to sales even though it will offer music and movies at a much lower price.

Federal jury says Apple, LG devices do not violate Multimedia Patent Trust’s patents

In a verdict which marked the culmination of a December 2010-filed patent-infringement lawsuit by Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary Multimedia Patent Trust against Apple and LG, a federal jury ruled on Thursday that the devices manufactured by Apple and LG do not violate the in-dispute video compression patents of Multimedia Patent Trust.