LinkedIn launches new feature to help users secretly look for new job

In a Thursday announcement, LinkedIn social network for professionals revealed that it is launching a new feature which will enable its users to look for a new job in secrecy, without alerting their current employers.

LinkedIn: 2012 hack was much worse than the company realized at the time

In a statement released on Wednesday, popular professional networking site LinkedIn said that new information uncovered by the company suggests that the massive 2012 data breach was much worse than it had thought at that time.

LinkedIn Cuts its Full-Year Profit Forecast

LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service, has cut its full-year profit forecast, and even cited a slower growth at its hiring business.

Shares of LinkedIn fell by nearly 27% in after-hour trading on Thursday. LinkedIn’s weak view resulted from the changes that occurred in currency exchange rates, costs of its pending acquisition of and other items.

LinkedIn agrees to Pay $6m after Regulators Find Flaws in Employees’ Working Hours

LinkedIn has reached an agreement to pay $6m (£3.6m) in wages and damages after it was found by regulators that its employees were paid lesser than the hours they actually worked for. Now, 359 former and current employees will be paid by the company, with $3.3m in unpaid wages and $2.5m in damages.