Mazda Motor

Mazda claims breakthrough in Gasoline Engine Technology

Japan-based automaker Mazda Motor Corporation announced on Tuesday that it had made a breakthrough in conventional gasoline engine technology that could make vehicles a more feasible option to elec

Toyota & Mazda tie up to build $1.6 billion U.S. manufacturing facility

Japanese auto giants Toyota Motor Corporation and Mazda Motor Corporation on Friday revealed a plan to set up a joint-venture auto manufacturing facility in the United States.

NHTSA to propose a rule requiring EDRs in all new light vehicles

In a Friday statement, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that, in the coming days, it intends proposing a rule which will require all new light vehicles to have requiring event data recorders (EDRs) - devices that will be quite similar to, but a much less complex version of, the crash data-recording `black boxes' in airplanes.

Mazda’s CX-5 compact crossover SUV named 2012-2013 ‘Car of the Year Japan’

The CX-5 compact crossover SUV manufactured by Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corp. has been named the 2012-2013 `Car of the Year Japan'; thanks largely to the vehicle's new Kodo design theme and SkyActiv technology.