U.S. space program may be at risk due to faulty Russian rocket engines

U.S. space agency NASA and the U.S. military may be at risk because of a major Russian scandal in which rocket engines were built out of cheap and potentially defective metal.

A look back at Falcon 9’s monumental landing

Elon Musk-led SpaceX made history a year ago by successfully launching a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a satellite into Earth’s orbit, and then safely landing it upright on a landing pad in Cape Canaver

December bringing numerous celestial events for star gazers

The ongoing month of December is bringing a number of celestial events for star gazers to feat their eyes on, including the final supermoon of this year.

Venus is inhabited by aliens: so-called ‘truth-seekers’ believe

Some satellite images of the surface of the dry and blistering hot planet of Venus show artificial structures and huge cities, so-called “truth-seekers” and alien hunter believe.