Kepler Telescope Discovers Four New Exoplanets that may Support Life

NASA scientists have said that the discovery of new 715 planets beyond our solar system have brought them one step closer to find 'Earth 2.0', a planet which could support life. The new planets orbiting stars have been discovered by the Kepler space telescope.

NASA captures Biggest Solar Flare of 2014

The biggest solar flare of 2014 has been captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. The solar flare was emitted by the sun on February 24 and the event was captured by the observatory in multiple wavelengths.

Giant flashes of light in the SDO images are actually powerful bursts of radiation emitted by the sun, called as solar flares.

NASA’s New Images Reveal 80% of the Five Great Lakes Covered by Ice

New images of the five Great Lakes have been released by NASA. The images depict that all the five lakes are covered with ice. As per to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL), the images show an astonishing extent of the ice cover as observed from space.

Shock Wave Building in Front of Star Kappa Cassiopeiae’s Path

A new image released by NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory shows a hot and supergiant star Kappa Cassiopeiae swiftly moving through space. The picture has been taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope, launched from Cape Canaveral in 2003.