Qualcomm facing serious financial trouble: Analysts

Some analysts have expressed concern that tech giant Qualcomm may be in serious financial trouble due to its ongoing licensing disputes with Apple Inc.

Qualcomm Unveils Two New Snapdragon Mobile Platforms

Qualcomm on Tuesday introduced the world to its new mobile platforms, dubbed Snapdragon 660 and 630 that have been designed to push the chip giant’s processors to new levels.

Qualcomm Technologies announces a commercial 5G modem chipset solution

In a Thursday announcement, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. - a Qualcomm Incorporated subsidiary - introduced a new chipset solution --- the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem.

AT&T and Qualcomm to test drones on commercial 4G LTE wireless networks

In a joint statement released on Tuesday, AT&T and Qualcomm said that they have teamed up to test drones out on commercial 4G LTE wireless networks.

According to the joint statement, AT&T and Qualcomm have partnered to test hoe the functioning of drones can be safe and more secure on commercial 4G LTE as well as on the imminent 5G networks.