Telekom Austria

Telekom Austria issues strong guidance and marginal decline in net profit

Telekom Austria reported 2.6 percent decline in net profit for the quarter, mainly due to currency effects.

Carlos Slim agrees to Consolidate his Company and Family Stakes in Telekom Austria

Mexican billionaire and business tycoon Carlos Slim is looking forward to consolidate his company and family stakes in Telekom Austria. He has given a signal to regulators about his position. The regulators monitor that when stake-holdings attain the big enough volume to trigger takeover bids.

Telekom Austria Launched DTH Platform on Harmonic ProStream 9100

A new report states that Telekom Austria Group has launched its DTH platform on Harmonic ProStream 9100. The company has launched this platform with ACE high-density stream processors and transcoders, SMD 9200 DVBS-S2 modulators, and NMX Digital Service Manager.

Telekom Rating in Austria reduced by Moody’s

According to a new report, Telekom rating in Austria has been downgraded by Moody's. Moody's has done this after its current financial debt caused by the increase of the mobile spectrum in an auction in Austria.

The rating agency believes the EUR 1 B acquisition will put negative effect on the financial terms of the Company.