Toshiba misses deadline for chip unit sale

Toshiba Corporation’s failure in sealing a deal to sell its chip unit by the deadline of Thursday has raised doubts over tech giant’s ability to plug the holes in its balance sheet in time.

EC imposes €1.47bn penalty on CRT manufacturers for price-fixing

A record €1.47 billion fine has been imposed by the European Commission (EC) on seven global manufacturers of cathode ray tubes (CRT), for their allegedly anti-competitive activities during the one decade period from between 1996 to 2006.

Cut Throat Competition in 3D Television Market

It was the gadget expo in Germany that got the whole world buzzing in the recent times. One of the main highlights of the event was the new addition in the Toshiba brigade. They have come up with the new 3D television that wouldn't use 3D glasses. It is a 55-inch model that shall be out for a sale by the last month of the year.

Toshiba to Launch Wi-Fi Embedded SDHC Memory Card!

During the electronic festival being held in Berlin, Toshiba announced its new Wi-Fi enabled flash memory card. The card will be out by the month of November, but the sale will begin in February 2012. It has been informed that initially the card will be available to the users in 8GM capacity alone.

The new flash card can be easily connected to Wi-Fi, enabling downloads and uploads. The card has been designed in such a way so that a user will not only be able to download images or videos but also could share them with others.