Uber can now collect passenger data up to five minutes after a trip ends

In an announcement made via recent website post, ride-hailing service Uber has revealed that it is rolling out an update to its app, for bringing about an improvement in customer experience with it

Uber confirms it is testing self-driving cars in San Francisco

After the September launch of its first fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, ride-hailing service Uber has recently confirmed that the tests of the company’s self-driving cars have also been commenced in the city of San Francisco.

Uber now allows customers in London to book rides in advance

In a recent announcement, popular ride-sharing service Uber has revealed that it is introducing ‘advance booking’ option for its customers in London, to enable them to book their Uber rides days or weeks in advance.

The announcement makes London the first city in Europe to get Uber’s ‘advanced booking’ option.

Uber launches ‘Family Profiles’ feature to allow users to pay for others’ rides

In an announcement made on Tuesday, ride-sharing service Uber revealed that it has launched a new feature - called 'Family Profiles' - to enable its customers to conveniently pay for rides for their family members and friends.